What is Smiling Depression?

The normal depressed people are considered as lack of vitality and self-enclosed. However, not everyone appears the same way in depression. Some people tend to cover themselves with a layer of “optimistic” masks, which is a phenomenon that has been called “smiling depression” in recent psychological academic discussions.

Individuals with smile depression don’t bed-ridden every day and lose the ability to interact with people, but even have better social functions, and are always mistakenly known as someone that social ability is better than ordinary people. Therefore, their families and friends mostly feel shocked and unbelievable when they have abnormal behavior or suicide.

Yet, the risk of smile depression is that this type of depression is not only difficult to be perceived by the people around them, sometimes it is also difficult for themselves to find suffering from depression. When they use a smile to hide blue emotions, it is actually a defense mechanism which is no longer a natural expression of their inner joy, but gradually becomes a cover and proof of inner sadness.

What can we do?

Recognize your own emotions. It can’t be denied that we all have our masks to conceal the true mind and feelings, and pretend to be someone that is totally different from ourselves. Identifying your own emotional problems is the first step because many people with smile depression used to hide and deny this feeling.

Talk to people you trust. We are not living alone in this world as an island. You need to tell these feelings to your loved ones or your best friends, especially the group that really cares about you. They may not be aware of your pain, try to discuss your concerns and deep thoughts. Don’t be afraid of being a burden to the others, because we always forget that there are so many people standing behind us and willing to give us support.

Asking help from the professional organization. If you feel that your symptoms have reached a very serious level, you can seek the help of professional institutions and psychotherapists to alleviate your inner pain.

Smiling will block you in your own world. You should learn to find the people around you who really care about you and try to give them a chance and tell them:

“I smile and say I’m always sad, people think they are being tricked, well, it’s no trick, it’s a truth.”


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